Latoya Antonia

Alex’s coaching has propelled me to move blockages; emotionally physically and mentally. 

I began coaching with her a few weeks before my family of 5 and I relocated from the UK to Barcelona and she eased me into the transition, helping me to focus on the nutrition and self-care shifts that would really support me.

My initial concern was primarily my 1,2 and 3 year old’s nutrition. I felt like I was so spent on energy, I didn’t feel able enough to come up with a plan to get them out of fussy eating and onto a wholesome diet.  I can now say we’ve gone from only eating pasta to eating chicken, rice, scrambled eggs, sausages, apples oat porridge and the list is growing. 

Now I’m over the other side and we have successfully relocated to Barcelona, Alex was pivotal in coaching me through a challenging time of parenting. She educated me on Respectful Parenting and with the most gentle but effective approach, redirected the path I was headed down. I am truly grateful for Alex’s role in my life. She has blessed me far beyond these words.

- Latoya Antonia
Graphic Designer

Alexandra Chaffanjon